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About the Department

                       The Department of Sociology is the youngest department in the college. It started on the 15th of June, 2015 with three teachers – Ms. Davina Diengdoh Ropmay, Mrs. Usha Moral Bamon and Ms. Amanda Pariat. Ms. Ruth Kharbamon was then recruited in the year 2017. With the teaching of papers such as Sociological Concepts, Sociological Theory, Indian Society, Political Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Family and Kinship, the department envisages to broaden the minds of students on the prospects of acquiring knowledge, as well as to have an empirical understanding about social phenomena and social behaviour and to understand human society as an interconnected whole.

Enrolment of Students: Since the Semester system at the Under Graduate level was implemented from the academic session 2015-16, the department started off with a total strength of 70 students opting for Sociology as their honours subject. Ever since, the enrolment of students gradually increased. The total enrolment of students inclusive of those opting for Sociology as elective and honours for the 2018-2019 academic session was 270 (Elective -210, Honours-60).

Activities: Over the three years since its inception, the Department had initiated activities ranging from class presentations on various topics of social concern, screening of documentaries related with the papers which fosters better understanding of the topics taught, popular talks, lectures and discussions (by eminent resource persons). The Department has also taken students out for field trips and outings of sociological significance. With a faculty strength of four, the Department hopes to grow through many more activities, events and accomplishments in the future.

Staff Members


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The following subject combination is available for the degree course. Student will have to choose two elective subjects from the elective group.
Honours (Elective)Elective Group (To choose two elective subjects)
SociologyEducation, History, Elective Language

The following are the core papers under the semester system for BA Sociology (Honours):

SemesterCore Papers
1st SemesterSOC UG 101 Introduction to Sociology
2nd SemesterSOC UG 201 Political Sociology
3rd SemesterSOC UG 301 Family and Kinship
4th SemesterSOC UG 401 Economic Sociology
5th SemesterSOC UG 501 Sociological Thinkers; SOC UG 502 Social Stratification and Inequality
6th SemesterSOC UG 601 Sociology of Religion. SOC UG 602 Research Methodology

As per NEHU Curriculum and guidelines, the core papers were changed in the year 2018 and was implemented in the same.

SemesterCore Papers
1st SemesterSOC UG 101 Introduction to Sociology – I
2nd SemesterSOC UG 201  Introduction to Sociology – II
3rd SemesterSOC UG 301 Indian Society
4th SemesterSOC UG 401 Sociological Thinkers
5th SemesterSOC UG 501 Family and Kinship; SOC UG 502 Economic Sociology
6th Semester(optional either 601 or 602)SOC UG 601 Sociology of Religion; SOC UG 602 Political SociologySOC UG 603 Research Methodology
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