Department of Philosophy

About the Department

                             Philosophy department was established in the year 1964. Dedicated teaching faculty in the department. Mutual understanding, co-operation and good support system among the faculty and students in the department. The subject as a whole is not merely a theoretical or intellectual study but it is value based and imparts lessons on life. Hence, the subject can be said to have a practical value especially to the students. Good academic performance of the students in the subject . The central and department libraries have quality books for the students and teachers respectively for ready reference and enabling them to enhance their knowledge on the subject.
With the commencement of the Semester system in the undergraduatecourses the department has been upgraded to honour’s course in the year 2015 . Hence, the Department now has the opportunity to have students giving full concentration to the subject and the department, thereby increasing the academic vibrancy. In addition to this, organising various activities and programmes by the department will become possible. Since Logical Aptitude is compulsory in most competitive examinations, the subject which includes Logic as one of the papers will help prepare the students in honing their reasoning skills needed for such examinations.

Staff Members

Dr. L. M. Umlong


Smt. I. Laloo



(Head of Department)


Shri. J. C. War


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