About The Department

                                       The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1973 and the subject was started as an elective subject. Initially, the department had only one teacher, Mr. B.N.Gupta, as the numbers of students were few. Gradually, the number of students increased and therefore the Management filled a sanctioned post with another teacher, Mr.P.C.Mondal in 1990. In the year 1994, two more teachers, Mr.A.K.Patel and Mrs.M.Gupta, were appointed as the institution decided to introduce Honours Course in Mathematics in the year 1995. As NEHU made a major syllabus revision in Mathematics in the year 2005, the Department felt the need of one more teacher and appointed Mr.R.K.Singh on Adhoc basis. In the year 2006, Mr. B.N.Gupta retired from service and Mr.M.Swer was appointed in his place in the same year and Mr.P.C.Mondal took over the charge from Mr. B.N.Gupta as the new Head of the Department. Mr.R.K Singh resigned from the Department in the year 2008. In his place, Mr S. Sawkmie joined the department in the same year. Mr. S. Sawkmie resigned from the Department in the year 2014. In his place,Mr S. Warjri joined the department in the same year. The department organized a One Day ‘Popular Talk’ in Mathematics in 2013 in which Prof. S.S.Khare, Retired Professor, Department of Mathematics, NEHU was the resource person.

Staff Members

Smt. M Gupta

Head of Department


Shri. M.Swer


Shri. S.Warjri


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