Department of Garo

About the Department

              Garo department was established in the year 1992. Garo language is spoken by the Garo’s living in Meghalaya. So being the mother tongue the students are able to understand and communicate better. They can opt the language as one of their subject. Therefore, some of them have come out with flying colours and bagged prizes. Garo language is recognised as one of the associate official language besides English and Khasi in Meghalaya. If the language is included in the 8th scheduled to the constitution of India, it will pave the way for plenty of opportunities in various ways for the students in the future i.e. the language can be introduced to the other colleges and universities of the country as a second language, many competitive exams can be conducted in Garo language, job opportunities for students in the field of translation will be more

Staff Members

Shri. Stive Zandhy R Marak


Smt. Tarshina CH. Sangma

(Head of Department)


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