Department of History

About the Department

                              The Department of History was established in the year 1966. The History Department offers both Honours and Pass course. As a Department ours is a challenging task wherein our mission is to create, to strive, provide and achieve quality education for all. Since the inception of the Department, students have consistently produced very encouraging results. The percentages of marks achieved by the  students have enabled them to complete their post graduation studies thereby enabling them to get proper job placements. The Department maintains the Result Analysis of the students on a regular basis. The Department also maintains a record of the current status of the students with respect to their academic achievements and their job placements. As teachers, dedication towards our job is a top priority. It is achieved through sacrifice, hard work, sincerity and responsibility towards the students. Without imposing we should be able to guide and provide the students with quality education which will enable the students to develop their skills and character. The dream of every student should be a better citizen in a new society in an ever changing world.

Staff Members

Smt. Dakerlin Kynta


Dr. Sengchi Diamai

(Head of Department)


Miss. Daphibahun Lyngdoh


Dr. Eric Hynniewta


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