• Member of the Academic Council of Meghalaya Board of School Education
  • Member of the Governing Body of J.J.M. Nichols Roy Bible College, Sohryngkham
  • Member of the Governing Board of J.J.M. Nichols Roy College, Qualapatty
  • Member of the Managing Committee of SSA School,Mawlai Kynton Massar
  • Member of the Board of Studies, NEHU
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Meghalaya State Commission for Women
  • Member of the Society for Khasi Studies (An Association of University, College and Research Scholar of Khasi Department)


  • Represented in District meets, National School GamesParticipate in State and National Level in both Athletics and Basketball; gold and silver medalwinner of several Athletics and Basketball games in the state
    Actively involved in Co Curricular activities like quiz, debate, extempore speech, script writing, drama etc from time to timeInvolvement inDifferent EducationaL


  • Appointed as the Head Examiner of Khasi by theM.B.O.S.E. for Higher Secondary examinations from 2003 till date.
  • Appointed as the Chief Examiner of Khasi by NEHU for Under Graduate examinations from the year 2014till date
  • Co-writer and member of the Expert Committee on preparation of materials for adult learners, prepared by the State Resource Centre, NEHU, Bijni Complex.
  • Review of EVS text books for class 3 and 4 currently as part of the course Involvement in the preparation of the “WeeklyScience Serial in Khasi” for the entire year of 2010 which was aired by All India Radio, Shillong
  • Appointed as Subject Expert by the MPSC for the recruitment of Assistant Lecturer under DHTE, Meghalaya, Shillong, and also for departmental Examination of MCS, MPC, MFS, Cooperative Officers and Excise Officers
  • Conducted various educational programmes through Doordarshan Kendra Shillong, from 1998 till date
    Taking students for Education Tours to different parts of India for the last 15 years
  • Orientation,Seminars,Workshops andTraining attended or participated as a Resource Person
  • Completed an orientation programme and three  refresher courses
  • Resource Person at the 12th Asia-Pacific Church of God Women’s Conference at Dhaka, Bangladesh, onthe topic “Understanding the Younger GenerationGaining Wisdon to Guide Them” Panellist member during the Panel Discussion on Family Planning, organised by the National Health Mission, East Khasi Hills, Shillong, in observation of World Population Stabilization Fortnight
  • Resource Person in a seminar held at St. Edmund’s College on the occasion of “U Tirot Sing Day”. Thetopic was on “Jingim u Tirot Sing ha ki por jinglong Khynnah”
  • Resource Person for the Workshop on Youth Development and Leadership” at St. Mary’s Mazerello Girls Higher Secondary School, Jowai
    Resource Person in the Teacher’s Seminar on “Training on Methods of Teaching and Learning for Elementary School Teachers”, conducted by the educational Trust of Church of God.
  • Resource Person at a Seminar on “The Art of Characterization” at Tirot Sing Memorial College, Mairang
  • Resource Person in a Seminar at Ri-Bhoi College, Nongpoh, on the topic “Ka Kolshor Khasi bad ki Jingkylla”i) Attended many seminars/workshops at the state, National and International levelsEditorship:
    Editor of the Souvenir titled U Tirot Sing Syiem Day published by ABVP in 2 consecutive years, 1996 and 1997, to commemorate the death anniversary of U Tirot Sing
  • Assistant Editor of the Khasi Journal Ka Thwet Jingstad in the year 2014-15, published by the Khasi Department, NEHU,Shillong
  • Assistant Editor of the College Annual Magazine, Academia in the Year 2009 and 2010Other Activities- President of the Women Organization of the locality Head teacher and supervisor of the Khasi LearningCentre, a centre which teaches Khasi language to non-Khasis (a Voluntary Service)Seminars Organized-As the Head of the Department, along with colleagues,we had organized several Seminars and Workshops at Regional Level. Some of the Seminars and Workshops Organized in the last three years are given below :”Script Writing and Performing Arts” on 1st July 2017B)”Life and Works of Rev. Thomas Jones in Khasi Hills” on 22nd of June 2016C)”Ka Jingpynkylla Ktien (Translation) bad ki lad pathai Khubor” on 4th July, 2015
  • Contributing one chapter in the book "Ki Snqi Jong Nqi "prescribed in the
    syllabus for BA HI year Khasi MIL,from 1994 to 2014
  • Author of the booklet entitled" Ki Hok Jong Ki Rlewlum Kiba Sah Ha Ki Jaka Khlaw" published by the State Resource Centre
  • CONTRIBUTED A CHAPTER IN THE BOOK TRIBAL LITERATURE WITH SOCIAL REFERENCE TO THE LANGUAGES OF Northeast India. The title of the chapter is "Traditional Medicines as reflected in Khasi Literature"
  • Contributed an Article in the Souvenir Ka Thup Sah Kynmaw published by Ri Khasi Book Agency on the occasion of its silver jubilee celebration
  • Contributed an article entitled "Kaba Pynmih ia ki Kot kiba bha ha ka ktien Khasi bad ka Jingpynkylla ia ka ktien Khasi sha kiwei pat ki jait Ktien" in the journal ka Synqkhonq Jinqtip Thup 4 with an ISSN 2278-6791 published by the Khasi Author’s Society
  • Jointly published a book entitled Lai Tylli ki Khana Lyngkot (Translation). It is a translation work from the famous short stories of E.V. Lucas, Victor Hugo and Rabindranath Tagore. The Book is assigned with an ISBN 978-81-927-630-2-6.G)Co-writer of Hindi Khasi Dictionary by the Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Agra, under the Central Institute of Hindi, Agra, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.
  • Contributed several articles and write-ups including Khasi translation works to many souvenirs,magazines and academic publications
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